Our Call

Following The Al-Salaf al-Salih (The Righteous Predecessors)
“The Jamaa’ah is whatever agrees with the truth – even if you are alone.”
Ibn Mas’ood (d. 32H)
our stance against terrorism
Our call

Oxford Salafi Dawah is a small organisation which was established in 2013 to raise awareness of Islam in Oxford. Our understanding of Islam is based upon the Qurʾān and the authentic traditions of the Prophet ﷺ, as understood by the Companions of the Prophet ﷺ and those who traversed upon this path after them. We organise classes, Friday prayers, ʿĪd prayers, an information point (Daʾwah stall), online literature and printed literature free to the public. We solely rely on volunteering and donations for all of our activities. Your contributions play a huge role in allowing us to persist in our activities and increase them. Your donations will help to build the foundations of establishing a Masjid in the city of Oxford, built upon the pure form of Islam which the Prophet ﷺ revealed upon his Companions..

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